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DenuBond improves pellet quality and decreases feed spillage, prevents selective feeding and improvesbulk density, flowing properties and animal performance.  DenuBond CS is an alternative on a white Calcium Sulfate carrier.


DenuBond is a range of highly effective pellet binding products developed by Denuco. DenuBond ensures a higher quality of pellets, decreases feed spillage and enhances productivity.

DenuBond ensures harder, better and stronger pellets. Stronger pellets cause less fractions during manufacturing, transport and handling. Less breakage means less waste, less dust and less spillage. This results in higher cost effectiveness.

There are a great number of advantages of pressing mixed feed into pellets. Pellets prevent demixing of carefully selected en combined feed components and ingredients. It ensures that the animal receives the ingredients in the correct proportions and by that it improves nutrient availability. Pellets increase product density and feed intake and therefore productivity.

DenuBond combines carefully selected natural ingredients. It improves the binding of the feed components into flexible dough that passes the pellet die better and forms a durable, harder and sturdy pellet.

DenuBond allows usage of a wider range of raw materials. It simplifies the use of components that are harder to press in pellets. It also allows higher fat levels in pellets. DenuBond is easy to use. It enhances free flowing by prevention of sticking to surfaces.

Using pellets also reduces bacterial and mould growth in feed. Pellets improve flowability and ensure better mechanical handling of feed lines. It reduces logistic costs.

Field trails prove DenuBond requires a significant lower dosage than competing products. It results in a more durable pellet and therefore is a better economical choice.

DenuBond is available in powder and can be used at the feed mill.