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DenuCid is a dry, balanced mixture of organic and inorganic acids that improves the function of the stomach and kills pathogens.  DenuCid Green is fortified with gluconic acid to improve gut health and natural extracts for an extended antibacterial effect and improved growt.


DenuCid is a nutritional acidifier developed by Denuco. DenuCid improves animal health, feed conversation and production efficiency in poultry.

DenuCid is a ideal mixture of various acids and natural components. It provides an economical and natural alternative to AGP’s and other acidifiers.

The use of DenuCid prevents growth of pathogenic micro-organisms. It also improves gut health and gut integrity.

Organic acids have been added to feed for a long time as it is effective against many fungi and bacteria. Our specific antimicrobial Acids can have an initial eradicating effect on bacteria in the feed.

Proper use of acidification is also proven to raise production efficiency in young animals. The use of DenuCid lowers the pH in the birds stomach and crop. This improves and balances gut health en stimulates growth. 

DenuCid is non-corrosive and is friendly to use. It does not smell bad like butyric acid does. The gluconic acid in DenuCid is fermented into butyric acid in the bird’s intestines. Butyrate is produced where it is needed and available along the intestine to provide energy for the gut wall, bacterial control and for strengthening tight junctions.

DenuCid uses a mixture of acids. The synergy between the acids widens the spectrum and combines the qualities and strengths of different ingredients. This provides an optimal combination in lowering the pH and attacking bacteria without aggressive and pungent characteristics.

The last decades the growth rate of broilers had improved very well. The production of gastric acid and the development of the beneficial bacteria in the crop have not kept up with the speed of growth.

As a result, these bacteria do not produce enough lactic acid to form a barrier against harmful bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. These pathogenic bacteria will not always cause clinical disease, but at sub-clinical infections they will delay the natural fermentation in the crop and the growth of the bird.

In young fast growing birds the proventriculus does not produce enough hydrochloric acid, the second barrier against pathogens in the Gastric Intestinal Tract (GIT).

Insufficient levels of hydrochloric acid also reduce protein digestion. Protein splitting enzymes in the stomach perform better with a low pH.  Reduced proteins digestibility causes loss of valuable nutrients and also increases pathogenic bacteria further in the gut. Acids lower the buffering capacity of the feed: the same amount of hydrochloric acid, secreted in the animal’s stomach lowers the pH in the stomach much more. Minerals like calcium that are difficult to digest are made more soluble and thereby more available to the animal. This makes it possible to adjust the inclusion of strong buffering ingredients like limestone.

DenuCid inhibits the growth of pathogenic microbes, lowers the pH in the stomach and had has a selective antimicrobial effect: it kills harmful bacteria by disrupting the cell membranes. 

DenuCid is available in liquid and / or powder.  It can be used at feedmills and / or farms.