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DenuDisperse disperses lipids into the watery environment in the animal to improve the fat digestibility to increase the availability of energy.  This also enhances the digestibility of the other nutrients. DenuDisperse can be used to reduce the addition of fat and/or the use of lower quality fats.  DenuDisperse is very watersoluble (has a high HLB value).


DenuDisperse is a nutritional emulsifiers developed by Denuco. Fats and oils are the most important energy sources in feed. DenuDisperse enhances fat digestibility and increases energy efficiency.

Fats and oils are the most expensive feed components. By improving the energy efficiency using DenuDisperse a great cost efficiency can be achieved. DenuDisperse improves production performance. Test trails show that return on investment with the use of DenuDisperse can add up to over 500 percent.

DenuDisperse is suitable for all animal species. It is proven efficient in high energy and high-fat diets for broilers, turkeys, pigs and aquaculture.

Fat has to be dispersed in water before absorption, as the gastric intestinal tract is a aqueous environment. Fats and oils are hydrophobic by nature and need an emulsifier to dissolve. Bile salts normally take care of this but young animals lack sufficient levels off bile salt and lipase. Micelles also play an important role in dissolving fats. DenuDisperse improves the reduction of the size of fat globules and micelles in the digestion tract.

DenuDisperse is very soluble in water. Its has optimal hydrophilicity for working in the intestinal environment. DenuDisperse increases nutrient absorption in cells, especially lipids and fat soluble vitamins.

DenuDisperse is avalaible in liquid and / or powder. It can be used at feedmills and / or farms