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DenuEnergy facilitates the transition period in dairy cattle.  It combines glucogenic energy with ingredients that balance the electrolyte balance and the fermentation in the rumen to improve the post partum metabolism to minimize the effects of milk fever and ketosis.  Now also with a rumen modulator to shift fermentation towards propionate (gluconic and stimulates milk protein)


DenuEnergy is a additional feed developed by Denuco that provides gluconic energy for animals after giving birth. DenuEnergy can be fed to dairy cattle after calving or sows after farrowing. It is easy to use and is a safe method to provide extra energy to maternal animals.

Gluconic energy is the best way to restore the energy balance after delivery. Feed intake for maternal animals is limited due to pregnancy. After delivery, mammals start producing milk fast witch demands a lot of energy. Animals tend to draw this energy from fat reserves. This results in a negative energy balance.

DenuEnergy provides the extra energy needed in the glucogenic form. DenuEnergy is a balanced mixture of gluconic energy providing components, vitamins and nutritional excipients. Aromatic substances provide a good aroma and sweet taste. DenuEnergy is very well palatable and stimulates feed intake.

In cattle, DenuEnergy balances the rumen and improves the post partum appetite and metabolism. This helps to minimize the effects of metabolic disorders like milk fever and ketosis. It improve the postpartum performance. DenuEnergy promotes overall health and performance during the complete lactation.

DenuEnergy can also be provided to sows after farrowing. It is especially useful for breeds with many piglets. Restoring the negative energy balance increases fertility.

DenuEnergy is given to animals just before delivery and during early lactation. It can be supplied over the feed, in water, or sprayed in the feeder.

DenuEnergy is available in powder or liquid and it can be used at the farm and at the feed mill.