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DenuGuard is a balanced mixture of organic acids, emulsifiers and natural extracts to prevent mould growth in animal feeds and raw materials.  DenuGuard Liquid is the liquid version of the product.


DenuGuard is a mould inhibitor range developed by Denuco. DenuGuard safeguards the feed by preventing the growth of mould and stopping the formation of mycotoxins. DenuGuard extends the shelf life. It preserves the full nutritive value of raw materials or complete feeds.

DenuGuard is a dry, balanced mixture of organic acids, emulsifiers and natural extracts. Because DenuGuard is buffered it is non-corrosive and therefore easy to use. The low volatility of DenuGuard ensures an extended protection.

Moulds in feed cause numerous problems like feed refusal, animal diseases and organ damage. It reduces nutrient availability in feed. Moulds produce mycotoxins, witch effects are even worse. Mycotoxins like Aspergillus, Fusarium, Gibberrella and Penicillium can cause diarrhea, cancer, vomiting, kidney problems of even death. Moulds and mycotoxins can also reduce intake, nutrient absorption and impaired metabolism and therefore loss of production.

The combined components of DenuGuard form a synergetic protection against mould. The mixture of organic acids and essential oils are selective anti-microbial and kill moulds. Emulsifiers reduce surface tension witch activates the killing of moulds.

Proper use will enhance the efficiency of DenuGuard. It is preferably distributed in in a mixer. The dosage will depend on storage conditions and duration, temperature and the degree of contamination of the feed.

DenuGuard is available in liquid and powder. It can be used at the farm or feed mill.