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DenuMami is a protein source rich in umami (savoury) taste. The umami taste receptors play an important role in protein sensing and the use of high intensity umami flavor allows improved feed intake and performance.


DenuMami is a feed additive and protein source that triggers animals umami (savory) receptors in the oral cavity and in the gut. By enhancing the palatability of feed, DenuMami supports the protein intake, raises feed conversion ratio and thereby boosts performance.

DenuMami, developed by Denuco, contains an ideal mix of aromatic substances , bacterial protein, organic acids and anti-caking.

Providing animals with better tasting feed stimulates higher protein intake and therefore supporting a high nutrient supply and thus growth.

The umami taste receptors of pigs play an important role in protein sensing. The use of high intensity umami flavor improves piglet feed intake, performance and carcass quality.

Birds are known for having very little taste receptors in their oral cavity. However L-amino acids are detected in the gut and stimulate feed intake.

Amino acids in DenuMami exhibit specific activities. Glutamin is the nutrient for the epithelial cells in the small intestine. Leucine reduces fat deposition.

DenuMami is a good alternative to Monosodium Glutamate witch is not allowed in EU feed law. DenuMami complies with EC-regulations.

DenuMami is available in powder. It can be used at feed mills.