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DenuRecovery stabilizes the electrolyte balance and improves the gut function in several species of animals.


It combines glucogenic energy, with electrolytes and other beneficial ingredients to counteract the effects of (heat-) stress.  It is available in liquid and/or soluble forms for easy usage.

DenuRecovery  provides extra glucogenic energy to stimulate the metabolism. Electrolytes and betain correct the electrolyte balance and water balance. Different sodium sources work at different speeds and prolong the effect between feedings. Vitamins, and magnesium reduce stress and oxidation. The nutritional emulsifier improves the fat digestion, reducing the heat production. 


  • Stabilises the electrolyte balance and water balance
  • Improves gut health
  • Speeds up the recovery after stress.
  • Easy to use

DenuRecovery is available in powder and can be used on the farm.