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DenuVator inactivates mycotoxins and relieves stress caused by mycotoxins. It is a dry, balanced combination of enzymes, natural extracts and mineral carriers that bind and break mycotoxins and radicals down.


DenuVator is a broad spectrum toxin binder, developed by Denuco. DenuVator inactivates a variety of mycotoxins and diminishes toxic effects.

DenuVator is a dry, balanced mixture of enzymes, natural extracts and minerals. The combination of ingredients bind and break down mycotoxins in animal feeds. DenuVator’s unique activity is based on the capability to form stable bonds with mycotoxins and radicals.

Mycotoxins are a toxic substances produced by mould in feed. Mycotoxins in feed are metabolized by cattle and end up in products like milk, eggs and meat.

DenuVator binds mycotoxins in the feed and in the digestive tract. Bound toxins and the binding carriers are not digested, but they are excreted.

In the animal enzymes in DenuVator break down mycotoxins into inactive fragments. This prevents  mycotoxins to enter via the gut. Natural extracts counteract the formation of radicals in the liver.

Multiple trail tests in have proven DenuVator efficient against various mycotoxins. Other useful feed ingredients like minerals, vitamins, anti-biotics are proven not to be effected by DenuVator.

Compared to cheaper competitors, DenuVator is a premium product and is proven much more effective at binding mycotoxins. Up to three times the amount of cheap binders must be used to get less binding effect and no relief of organ stress.

DenuVator is available in powder and can be used at the farm or at the feed mill.